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What is an abdominal binder used for?

An abdominal binder provides support to the abdomen to speed up the recovery process after abdominal surgery. An abdominal binder can be also used after spinal surgery, rib fractures, and rib injuries.

What are the benefits for You of using the abdominal binder?

  • Very effective to decrease post-operative pain.
  • Accelerate to get your figure back  after childbirth
  • Helps to improve your breathing
  • Help get Free from pain
  • Reduce swelling faster
  • Increase blood circulation around the surgical site to speed up healing
  • Help strengthen abdominal muscles 
  • May help rapid improving your mobility provides high-quality maternity belt, abdomen support, colostomy, back support, lumbar industrial back support belts and more. 

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Abdominal Binder 16 cmAbdominal Binder 16 cmAbdominal Support Binder for easier breathing and rapid recovery from surgical pain!
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Maternity BeltMaternity Belt

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