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Slimming Weight Loss Shorts
hot shorts, women workout short
Slimming Weight Loss Shorts
Weight Loss Slimming Hot Pants ShortsSlimming Shorts for Fat Burning Hot Pants
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Weight Loss Slimming Shorts Workout Sweat Gym Ladies Neoprene Compression Fitness Line Anti Cellulite Hot Shapers Pants 5 Sizes


The Women's Slimming Shaper Shorts with the zipper was made of high-quality neoprene authorized by a team of doctors and physiotherapists to maximize the reduction of cellulite, weight loss, and fat burn. 
  • Women's Slimming Shaper Shorts with zipper made of Neoprene
  • Losing Weight through sweating during exercise 
  • Excellent for local Fat Burn and Weight Loss
  • Helps the skin gets smoother
  • Helps blood circulation increase and cellulite decrease
  • Slimming Effect will be instantly
  • This hot shorts will make you hot


It is very light and comfortable to wear. The design and color are cool and very stylish. You can wear even under your jeans.

The Zippers provide allow you to wear more easily and quickly too.

Color: Black

Fabric: Neoprene
Code: 0097

Waist circumference 
in cm
75-85 85-95 95-105 105-115 115-130

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