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Maternity Belt
maternity belt
Maternity Belt
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Maternity Support belt 

The maternity belts are also called as pregnancy support belts, belly belts that help reducing lower back pain as well as improve your mobility during pregnancyyour. Swedhealthcare maternity support belts are highly recommended by OB/GYN’s as the best and most effective belts to reduce pelvic pain and support uterus.

As the baby grows in your belly uterus grows you find sometime yourself severe back and abdominal pain. If you are in this 
situation, the maternity belt might be useful for you.

It provides extra support by redistributing weight and ease the pain. The swedhealthcare maternity support belts 
reduce pelvic pain and promote proper postur.
If you are expecting twins, you must use maternity belt in order to deal pain, discomfort even to manage to daily works.
Elastic weft-knitted pregnancy support belt with foamy material coated with veloutnie. Closes with hook & loop.

References: Late Pregnancy stages

Designed, patented and proudly made in Greece

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