Cervical Collar Products for Neck Pain Relief
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Cervical Collar Products For Your Neck Pain Relief

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Neck support Products

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Adjusted Cervical CollarAdjusted Cervical CollarUnique height adjustable cervical collar for neck support
Adjusted Cervical Collar Under Jaw SupportAdjusted Cervical Collar Under Jaw SupportBest quality adjustable cervicall collar under -jaw supports is available at the lowest price!
Cervical CollarCervical Collar
Cervical collar-Low DensityCervical collar-Low DensityBuy cervical collars online from swedhealthcare.com and get rid out of neck pain!
Neck  PullerNeck Puller
Philadelphia Cervical CollarPhiladelphia Cervical Collar
Rigid Splint Cervical CollarRigid Splint Cervical CollarCervical collar provides firm support for the unstable neck.

Neck Pain and Cervical Collar Use

“Neck pain appears to be one of the costly health problems in the world. More than 50% people suffer neck pain at least once in their lives. It causes from acute or repetitive neck injuries or chronic stresses and strain.

To get rid of cervical pains, many physicians prescribe soft cervical braces and more than 70% of patients report significantly reduced pain with their use. However, it should be noted that longer periods of use cervical collars can cause adverse effects.

Hard collars are used in case of acute injury and spine stabilization. All types of cervical collars should be used following the instructions of the prescribers. 
Whiplash patients

Whiplash is considered as a traumatic injury to the soft tissue structures in the region of the cervical spine caused by hyperflexion, hyperextension, or rotation injury in the absence of fractures, dislocations or intervertebral disk herniation. Symptoms may start immediately or be delayed.

Patients with neck pain after a whiplash injury from a rear impact traffic accident commonly present to an ER or trauma center.” Find more at  http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2684205/

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